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Sue Briggs

Sue Briggs

I am happy to have joined a stellar group of agents and growing company, Real Estate Network Group, in 2014. The atmosphere is positive and the energy level is extremely high. When it comes to serving clients, I strive to be professionally prepared keeping updated with current real estate issues, the real estate market, new laws, and working with mortgage lenders to name a few. I am very passionate about my job as a realtor and do not take it lightly. The whole of the pie is to provide excellent client customer service that you will be remembered. Another passion I have is being a care provider. As facility costs are increasing and the number of people needing some type of care, allowing that individual to continue living in their home is beneficial to their well-being. I also enjoy being involved in the community volunteering at the Oregon Food Bank, rescue mission, going to movies, plays, bowling, and having fun hanging out with the grandchildren.
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