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Dustin Funes

Dustin Funes

Dustin Funes has been in the real estate industry since 2004. He is part of the Strutz team who is licensed under the Real Estate Network Group. Through his career he has become an expert in many different areas within the real estate industry. Dustin works as a buyers and listing agent, he works with bank owned/REO properties, investment properties and with several builders in new construction. Dustin attended the University of Oregon where he earned his Honors Business degree as well as a degree in Economics. People who have worked with Dustin are quick to comment on his great work ethic. He is always responsive, very responsible and always seems to ask the right questions at the right time. He is respectful to all parties within a transaction and always looks for the solution when a problem arises instead of placing blame. Dustin has a great sense of humor and has the ability to make all of his clients feel comfortable and well taken care of.
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Harcourts Real Estate Network Group

12550 SE 93rd Ave
Suite 340

State License 201112076