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Rob Miller

Rob Miller

Rob arrived in Oregon the fall of 2003, for a “vacation”. Having spent his entire life in Cleveland, he came to Oregon with the intention of returning home in about 6 weeks. Shortly after arriving he fell in love with everything the PNW has to offer and decided to make it his new home. He loves snowboarding, in the winter and boating in the summer. He also loves martial arts and currently holds a 2nd Degree Black belt in Taekwondo. From the age of 16, Rob has always had a desire to get into real estate. He also has a passion for helping people. After 20 successful years in sales Rob, finally, fulfilled his desire and brought his passion and love for helping people to the Real Estate Industry. Over the years, he has built his career by being knowledgeable and providing expert advice, in his respective industry as well as providing exceptional customer service, 24/7 availability and some of the fastest response times. He expects only the best for his clients. This has been vital to his success over the years. He believes there is nothing better than the opportunity to help put someone into the home of their dreams. 1. Would you send me a quote telling why you joined Harcourt’s Real Estate Network Group? a. “I joined Harcourt’s Real Estate Network Group because of the people and the training provided. I was invited to sit in on the training even before I was licensed; this was a big deal to me. You want to surround yourself with successful people and duplicate what they do. We have that here, with many of our people.” 2. Can you provide me with any success stats that you already have. For example, you announced in iStart this week that you already have a deal in escrow. a. Implementing what you learn in vital to success. I heard that you must be present, in the market, to build your business and sitting open houses was a way to do that. I started sitting in on new construction, right away, and this provided me the opportunity to meet new people, including a couple looking to downsize. They fell in love with the area and decided to use me to represent them in their purchase as well as the sale of their current home. You never know who will walk through the door. 3. What do you like most about working with the agents at Harcourt’s RENG? Have you found them helpful in your transition to the company? a. Everyone at Harcourt’s has been great. I love that everyone is willing to help and share their knowledge to ensure the success of others. This has allowed me to feel very comfortable and confident coming into the Real Estate Industry.
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